Newly published: Just Another Hat Trick

just another hat trickWith three Canadian best-sellers to his credit, two more books published in the U.S. with a third awaiting its release, Ross Brewitt comes back to his roots for the 2012 season with his first novel.

Plot summary: Using his background and familiarity with the cities of Toronto and Buffalo, plus his past association with both hockey teams, he sets the plot of his first novel against the third round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, the long awaited but fictional Eastern Conference Final between the Leafs and Sabres … read more

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About Ross

A writer who when asked what it was like to experience the unveiling of a book said, “it’s like taking your clothes off in public… anyone can take a shot at you.” Beginning his professional writing career with feature articles on the big stage of Maple Leaf Gardens Magazine, he put together a history of proven success as a long-running columnist and in his best-selling books … read more about Ross